I'm a photographer and videographer based in Evansville, IN. I struggled to settle on a career, because I found that I had too many interests. Narrowing it down to one seemed impossible, until I found a passion for shooting and editing video. While my end goal is to make content that is deeply impacting, I'm learning my trade along the way. I work closely with all my clients and use every project as an opportunity to progress and gain experience. 

The name, "Left Eye Perspective" comes from the fact that I have one eye. I lost my right eye in a car accident on Christmas Day of 2007. This was an awful experience for me, but 10 years later, I have no problem sharing my story and I honestly, I just couldn't help but to think it was a clever alias.

Aside from photo and video, I have many other passions. I've been a drummer for nearly 15 years. I’ve spent a lot of time touring in the past, but now I only play locally. I've been vegan for over 5 years. I've backpacked Europe and SE Asia and have done a few long distance cycle tours. I am engaged to an elementary school art teacher who motivates me every day to become better at my own art and passion.